UKCharge at The Game Fair

UKCharge at The Game Fair

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UKCharge is delighted to announce a fantastic weekend at the end of July, with three of our units placed in the camping ground at The Game Fair, which was held at Ragley Hall. The charging units were a huge success, with over 100 users and some incredible feedback from the survey we conducted.

63% of people rated the importance of being able to charge their phone at The Game Fair 5 out of 5, with 18% saying 4 out of 5, 12% 3 out of 5 and under 10% of people rating the importance as less than 3 out of 5. This is fantastic news for any of our customers – as we now know just how much people appreciate being able to charge their phones.

In addition to the UKCharge survey we ran at The Game Fair we asked our users to supply their email addresses, with over 40% happily providing them. This ensures our customers are working with a brand and a unit people trust with their personal data, as well as the safety of their mobile phones.

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