UKCharge creates entirely new advertising opportunities by inverting the problem of poor smartphone battery

UKCharge creates entirely new advertising opportunities by inverting the problem of poor smartphone battery

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Advertisers and content marketers understand the power of mobile advertising for reaching consumers and why such customer engagement is important. Poor battery life currently restricts mobile marketing from achieving its full potential to engage customers in conversation. But London-based startup UKCharge has turned poor smartphone battery life into new opportunities for marketers and ways to engage their consumers through free, interactive phone charging terminals: advertisers can now engage potential customers precisely at the point at which they would normally have lost contact with them.

Advertising on phones is often limited to direct and distracting pop-ups or sponsored content on social networking sites, and does not necessarily align itself with the physical setting the consumer finds themselves in. Physical, static advertising in hospitality, retail or festivals is often passive, lacks interaction with consumers and struggles to generate meaningful data with which to optimise ad or product campaigns and customer engagement strategies.

Led by ex Army Officer Jeremy Vaughan, UKCharge has created an entirely new advertising opportunity in the UK by allowing venues to offer mobile phone charging terminals for free to their customers. Backed by advertisers and venues alike, the mobile phone charging stations offer a raft of new marketing innovation ideas: providing interactive ways for companies to create positive experiences for their consumers through on-screen advertising, quick customer surveys and branding on the charging terminal itself.

With its secure phone charging stations, UKCharge is addressing these limitations by offering creative advertising ideas and providing a measurable way to approach and engage with customers. Optional, fast surveys are presented to the user on screen, allowing media companies to rapidly collect consumer data during the simple and efficient process of starting a charge. Media companies can also monitor exposure of their advertising through data created by UKCharge terminals on user numbers, charge duration and unmet user demand.

People need to stay connected. Smartphone battery performance does not currently allow customers to use their handsets whenever they need to. UKCharge facilitates a positive connection between brands wanting to engage their target market and customers’ needing to keep their phones switched on. Free, secure charging terminals offer an instant positive association with a brand by allowing consumers to continue using their handsets for longer. This positive association is afforded double exposure by users returning to collect a phone, galvanizing brand association and repeating the impact of a message.

With UKCharge stations, media companies can now target and engage customers in any location where they spend time. Terminals can be placed in all types of venues from hospitality and retail, healthcare and events, to sporting venues and festivals.