Concentrate on your core offering and increase revenue

Concentrate on your core offering and increase revenue

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How UKCharge can boost customer numbers for pubs and bars and end the need for expensive diversification

Pub and bar owners must constantly seek ways to increase and maintain customer footfall in order to remain profitable, and are always looking for bar promotions that work. In an industry experiencing continuing venue closures and changing consumer tastes, operators must innovate to give customers more reasons to enter a venue, remain for longer and to spend more. UKCharge now offers the hospitality industry an alternative to relying on bar marketing ideas and discounts: The Company harnesses poor smartphone battery life and peoples’ attachment to their mobiles to drive and retain customer numbers.

Pubs and bars have hitherto relied on diversifying from their core offering or clever bar promotions to boost revenue. Such measures often require capital expenditure or raise demands on staff. A solution is needed whereby operators can increase footfall, improve the experience for customers and focus on profitable services without high expense, the need to hire more staff or consistently generate new bar ideas.

UKCharge provides an alternative to bar ideas to bring in customers by allowing venues to offer free, interactive phone charging terminals to their patrons to increase the magnitude, duration and profitability of customer footfall. The service improves the customer experience with in-venue, secure charging. Pubs and bars are now able to be the reason people can stay connected indefinitely, even when away from their power cables.

UKCharge terminals can benefit any pub or bar operator and are simply and quickly installed. Large, national chains who have already created some unique bar promotion ideas are now presented with a method of increasing their footfall and customer retention almost instantly. UKCharge’s service can be rolled out easily across a portfolio of venues and it runs itself: managers do not have to spend valuable time and resources monitoring or maintaining UKCharge stations or conceiving the most creative bar promotions. Smaller or more remote operators can focus on growing and improving their core customer offering without relying on discounts or bar specials to bring in customers and remain profitable.

Together with pub and bar operators throughout the country, multiple industries are recognising and benefiting from the effectiveness of UKCharge including hospitality, retail, healthcare, events, sporting venues and festivals.