Frontrunning: 3 customer experience trends for 2017

Frontrunning: 3 customer experience trends for 2017

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If 2016 belonged to video and content, then marketing trends in 2017 will be dominated by a radical overhaul of customer experience.

Often the last piece of the jigsaw to be considered, customer experience is set to receive some heavyweight attention at last as several major macro-trends converge to provide a perfect storm of customer experience trends that will change the way we live, work, shop and relax forever.

At UKCharge we’re proud to be playing a small part in the customer experience revolution and below we’re going to share a few of our predictions for 2017.

AR gets real

There may have been a certain amount of chatter about augmented reality [AR] last year, but this year will be the year that we actually start to see augmented and virtual reality hit the mainstream. Retail will probably be the first movers on AR as the technology to allow us virtually to try on clothes or experience other products is already primed and ready to go. Expect to see certain pioneers take AR, VR and hologram to the next level, creating novel and engaging customer experiences.

Data gets personal

We’re already used to data being gathered, extrapolated and exploited to extract value from customers. Customers are valued not just in terms of their purchasing power, but also in terms of the insights you can glean from their data.

But 2017 will see data used more than ever to actively improve the quality of customer experience. With the traditional metrics that have become standard practice across social media marketing under increasing scrutiny as marketeers look to ensure that vanity metrics match performance goals, there will be an increasing focus on using data to learn more about what consumers actually enjoy about their customer journey.

Brands take experience to the next level

For better or worse, everybody knows the Abercrombie & Fitch scent that follows you round their stores. Their brand is so comprehensive that hardly any of your senses are left unaffected.

2017 will be the year when retailers get serious about all of the touch-points where their branding meets their customer experiences. It has become a truism that millenials value experiences more than things. But the truth behind the truism is that marketeers will neglect the experience that shape their customers’ journeys at their peril. Loyalty will be defined more and more by the memories, sensations and support you wrap around your customer journeys.

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