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Why are our Charging Units right for you?

Bars, clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, stadiums or cinemas, whatever your business we can increase the number of customers that walk through your doors, the length of time they stay with you and all while adding positively to their experience.

People want and need to recharge their phones wherever they eat, shop, play and hang out. Attract and retain guests while providing the safest and most secure phone recharging amenity available in the market. Guests will no longer be required to ask to have their phones recharged or watched over, while you alleviate guest anxiety over physical theft and data proection.


78% are more likely to use a venue where they can use a Brightbox then one without

89% would like a secure place to charge their mobile phone in hospitality establishments

83% would stay longer if a Brightbox is present

SOURCE: Survey of over 2000 unique bright box hospitality users directly and internet polling survey.


94% agree Brightbox improves customer experience

52% discover it first hand without having to even ask healthcare staff

78% of users start a session because their phone is less than 20% battery life

SOURCE: Survey of over 1000 unique brightbox hospital users directly using our own platform.

Security = Priority #1

  • Fully PCI compliant including encrypting card reader
  • Sensitive data stored in one-way encrypted format to fully protect it from harms
  • Encrypted communications with our servers
  • Brightbox construction is steel, aluminium, and high-temperature & impact resistant Kydex – highly solid and secure

Intelligent Service Model

  • Constant communication with our servers means real-time alerts regarding any potential issues
  • For service, keyed access allows easy removal from mounting plate and replacement in minutes
  • Keyed manual access in the event of venue power failure

Compact Size, Flexible Placement

  • Flexible mounting on solid steel backplate: mount on drywall, plaster, brick, etc.
  • Optional free-standing kiosk: great for events and venues looking for flexible installation options
  • Supports Ethernet or Wi-Fi network configurations
  • Best placed near entrances or where staff can easily introduce the service

Operation: Efficient and Effortless

  • As simple as swiping a card
  • Instructions on 10.3″ full colour display saving staff time explaining on how to use
  • Specially designed hardware/software features to prevent errors or tampering and create an exceptional user experience
  • Built on unix, the most stable operating system available