Charging Kiosks For Events

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Phone Charging For Events

Leading the market in free phone charging technology for events, our phone charging kiosks provide a huge opportuinty for all that attend to stay charged and connected.

Keep Connected

With our unique phone charging stations, UKCharge are committed to providing the safest, most efficient charging technology while collaborating with our partners to ensure an effective user experience.


Create more space for sposnors to advertise and provide phone charging for guests that attend your events. Fully branded phone charging kiosk are a perfect way to increase brand exposure.

Drive Footfall

Our kiosks attract attendees to brand activations and trade show booths, whilst providing consumer engagement via its digital signage and interactive kiosk features.

Make your event different

Providing phone charging kiosks will make your event stand out from the rest by enabling an “always on” mobile user experience. Get intouch today to find out how we can help you keep guests charged and connected throughout your events.