Q: How long can I charge my phone?

We offer an unlimited charging session time for the duration of the venue/event operating hours, and we enable you to swipe your card to check the status of your device, read messages and more, as many times as you want while your device is in our care. A single charging session is truly unlimited, even for devices left overnight.

Q: What is the average charging time per phone?

The average charge time for our machine unit is 35 minutes; however phone charging times vary greatly between different manufacturers and models. We utilize full 1 amp phone charging speeds, which is the same, as charging your phone with a wall outlet at home.

Q: How do I know when my device is fully charged?

Chamber LED’s will glow green to indicate a fully charged device.

Q: Can I charge two phones at once?

No. Our units only allow one phone to charge in a chamber at once. This way your phone is getting an optimal charge while ensuring security of a single device.

Q: Is it a “Rapid Charge”?

We charge as fast as manufacturer specifications allow, which is universally the fastest a phone can be charged without risking damage to the battery. A charging solution that claims “Rapid Charging” may be flooding batteries with higher voltages than recommended, which damages batteries.

Q: What phones are supported for charging?

We can charge any phone using a MicroUSB (Android, Windows, BlackBerry, and others), an Apple legacy 30-pin cord (iPod, iPhone 4), or an Apple Lightning cord (iPhone 5). These three chords represent all smartphones and nearly all feature phones (non-smartphones) sold on the market today.

Q: Can you charge other devices?

Our units are primarily designed to charge mobile phones, but are also capable of charging music players, battery backup packs & cases, and other mobile devices compatible with our supported charging connectors.

Q: Can I use a debit card?

Yes. Any standard debit or credit card will work.

Q: Why do I need to use my credit or debit card (especially if the unit indicates charging is free)?

Your credit or debit card is your key. Its unique encoded data is the only thing that can access your chamber. This approach delivers better user experience and more security than a passcode or physical key. 

Q: Is my credit card data secure? What about my phone‘s data?

We care deeply about security and our customers’ privacy is very important to us. We are fully PCI compliant (Payment Card Industry) and employ strong cryptography at every level. In fact, we use an industry-leading card reader that encrypts your card swipe automatically and only allows our payment processor to decrypt it, so even we never have access to your full card information. As for your phone, we never access any data on it, period. Building trust is a fundamental part of our business model and we don’t have any interest in breaking the dozens of anti-hacking laws that are on the books. We’re here to charge phones and deliver the best experience possible for our customers.

Q: Will the charging station work with 110v-240v?

Yes, each charging kiosk is internationally compatible to work from the United States to Europe and from the Middle East to Asia. It uses a standard power supply cable (that is commonly used for personal computers or PCs) and can be customized for any region.

Q: Can the charging kiosk be remotely controlled for maintenance? What about on site technicians?

Yes, our charging kiosk can be fully remote controlled for maintenance. Chamber doors can even unlock the rear door remotely allowing an on-site technician to service the machine. Because our machines are so well built, the most common maintenance that needs to be done is replacing the charging cables should a customer damage one. It’s easy to use, easy to maintain, and simply delivers a great revenue-generating machine for business owners or an excellent customer service experience.