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"Here at Pineapple we are thrilled to have a UKCharge Unit in the studios.  Our members love that they can charge their phones whilst taking class and it’s completely free for them! We have had the unit since May 2016 and it’s being used on a daily basis. It’s so simple to use and we have had nothing but happy members. Jeremy and his company are great and always on-call should we need any assistance. I’m sure we are going to see these units in more places soon, they are brilliant!"

"We're enormously proud to be working with UKCharge to facilitate the installation of these units in NHS hospitals, having identified the greatest need to be in areas such as chemotherapy day units, A & E and maternity suites.  The hospitals with whom we work are incredibly enthusiastic and grateful that units such as these are becoming a reality. For many patients - and visitors - spending time in a hospital is a stressful experience and these units will give them one less thing to worry about.

It's also highly rewarding for the sponsors as they have the opportunity to support the NHS and the public in a tangible way, visibly associated with the delivery of an incredibly practical service”

“The UKCharge guys were great with installing the machine - no fuss! Once it was in we had loads of comments from customers telling us how great it is and how much they liked it. We’ll definitely work with them again next year."

“We have had our Bright Box from UK Charge for a couple of months now and it has been a big hit with our clients. It has been hassle free from ordering to installation and client usage. Great product”

‘It was fantastic having the UKCharge machines at the event. It was a real draw for people - and everyone loved using the charging station! We’re keen to work with UKCharge again in the future’

We are really proud to be the first NHS Trust to have one of these units and are confident that it will really help improve the patients’ experience whilst they receive their chemotherapy or supportive care.